New machinery to keep up with market demand

30 April 2021 -

A parkmachine of more than 50 workstations which process the orders of the international customers according to their technical drawing: Dall’Era Valerio, the reliable partner for brass fittings from 1/2″ to 3″

New machinery to keep up with market demand

The decisive expansion of Dall’Era’s production volumes has recently led to the installation of two new machines of the latest generation. This expansion of the production line is due to the growing international demand of our customers, especially in Europe, including the main countries such as Germany and France, and in North America. The demand of the international market is increasingly focused on supplies made according to specific requests for complex brass fittings. The sizes are in a range from 1/2″ to 3″.

What the new machines provide

These are 2 new transfer machines equipped with 6 and 8 units respectively. These are particularly performing CNC machines. They allow a very high precision in machining, with reduced times. To guarantee a total peak production of 1.3 million pieces per day. These machines are added to the machine park of over 50 machines in force at Dall’Era, including transfer machines, sandblasting machines and optical control machines. A production shop of over 8000 square meters that allows the group to expand and diversify its products and keep up with orders.

What it means to fulfill orders for some major players

To meet the needs of some big customers in the world of refrigeration, plumbing and heating, we have added in the last months several machines and others have been replaced. Working for large companies and corporations means for Dall’Era Valerio to assure the highest quality of the product. To this, on several occasions we have to add the strict delivery schedule to be followed. Finally, the maximum performances of brass nut and fitting must be guaranteed, that is the effectiveness of each single piece, which contributes to the general efficiency of the system where it will be installed.

Absolute reliability of the fitting made in Dall’Era Valerio

We design by listening carefully to customers’ needs in order to ensure reliability and trust. In a word, we become partner for many customers. This is possible because in Dall’Era Valerio we answer to every kind of request of brass fittings under 3″, through the internal management of all working phases. From hot forging – which assures the best brass adaptation and the high resistance to stress – to machining, up to threading. The result for the customer is twofold: product quality and customization of the order.

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