Production process improvement

28 December 2021 -

Positive result of Dall’Era Valerio in the surveillance visit of the quality certification ISO 9001:2015 and environmental certification ISO 14001:2015

Production process improvement

The process of improving production logic continues unabated. In fact, the usual audit to verify the ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 quality certifications was recently held. The independent certifying institute KIWA has attested the full suitability in the productive and organizational cycle of the company. Since several years Dall’Era Valerio is judged suitable, fully meeting the necessary requirements. The certifications of quality and environment are a periodic objective aimed at raising the targets of the services provided, of the order, of the custom product processing, with the aim of minimum error tolerances.

The world of Dall’Era, a connected set of services

Starting from the legal obligations, which impose the full conformity to the regulations and international standards of any product on the market, Dall’Era Valerio goes beyond. The group has always been committed to the improvement of the entire organizational structure, putting in place a level of attention to quality that goes well beyond the regulations. Dall’Era world represents in fact a connected set of services that positively comply with the needs of multinational customers. The design of brass nuts and all types of fittings for the refrigeration, taps, valves, plumbing and gas sectors is carried out under a strict protocol.

ISO 9001:2015 standard, the best-known and most widely used quality management system

Therefore, the improvement of the production process is carried out on several fronts. All the main steps, from the technical drawing according to the customer’s specifications to the actual machining of the fitting, up to the threading, take place under careful performance and quality control. The ISO 9001:2015 standard represents the best known and most widely used quality management system in the world. A methodological and instrumental support that helps the company to spread an irreproachable production of brass nuts for gas connection, counternuts, screws, plugs, tees, elbows and water connections, brass bodies such as angle valves and valves, heating tails and gasket tails, just to mention the main products. This allows the company to export 90% of its production to 31 countries worldwide.

Machinery and technicians for non-conformity management

The development plans therefore foresee an ever increasing efficiency in brass components. The efficiency, besides the technological point of view, is guaranteed also by our technicians who acquire year by year a complete knowledge and management ability in the identification and implementation of corrective actions of improvement and management of non conformities. In the last instance then, the UNI EN ISO certifications help the company to strengthen the reliability of Dall’Era Valerio products.

I piani di sviluppo prevedono dunque un’efficienza sempre più elevata nella componentistica in ottone. L’efficienza, oltre che dal punto di vista tecnologico, è garantita anche dai nostri tecnici che acquisiscono di anno in anno una conoscenza e una capacità di gestione completa nell’identificazione e nell’implementazione di azioni correttive di miglioramento e di gestione delle non conformità. In ultima istanza dunque, le certificazioni UNI EN ISO aiutano l’azienda a rafforzare l’affidabilità dei prodotti Dall’Era Valerio.

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