Student visit to the site

25 November 2019 -

The tenth edition of the PMI DAY organized by the AIB sees the participation of Dall’Era Valerio

Student visit to the site

Dall’Era Valerio has opened its doors to the students of ITIS in Vobarno, one of the most famous technical institutes for industrial school preparation. The initiative was promoted by the Associazione Industriale Bresciana (AIB), the oldest Italian industrial association representing hundreds of companies, of which Dall’Era Valerio is a member. The AIB has been promoting for years the meeting between school and business, so that talents can be created that can support the growth of businesses. The PMI DAY, which reached its tenth year in 2019, involved 91 companies that welcomed 40 schools for a total of 3,500 students. A precious opportunity that allowed the students to get to know the manufacturing processes of the province of Brescia, known worldwide for its long tradition in industrial production. In this context, Dall’Era Valerio also wanted to contribute to a virtuous process of school-work alternation.

Sixty students discovering the production cycle of the brass nut

During the morning of Thursday, November 14, 2019, in the headquarters of Sabbio Chiese were hosted 60 young people from two fourth classes to address “mechanics and mechatronics” and “mechanics and energy” of the Institute of Higher Education Giacomo Perlasca of Vobarno (ITIS). The students, accompanied by their teachers Auriemma Nunzia, Massimo Persico and Mauro Faberi, were welcomed by Alberto Dall’Era, who gave an overview of a group with more than 50 years of experience, now able to manage the entire production cycle from moulding to sandblasting, from toolsetting to turning to the threading of brass nuts and fittings, exported to 37 countries around the world.

The visit in production

After having equipped all those present with safety devices, the visit took place along the production line that houses a park of more than 50 machines of the latest generation, including the Hatebur, which impressed the boys for the speed of work. The students then proceeded to the various departments, where the managers explained the production processes and, in particular, the extreme attention paid by the company to the quality of the product. The rejection of defective brass nuts is reduced to a few dozen units on millions of pieces made.

Manufacturing in search of talents

Technical notes and curiosities emerged along the way, underlining once again how fundamental it is for students to meet excellent companies to see the work up close and not just experimenting with theories about books. But also for companies it is useful to encourage days of meeting with students, in the hope of meeting future motivated workers. In fact, due to Italy’s high vocation for quality specialized production, many companies complain of a constant shortage of qualified personnel. Dall’Era Valerio, in order to support growth, is also constantly looking for highly skilled technical figures with a passion for industrial processes.

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