The group

The group

An international company, close to every customer

We are a solid Industrial Group made up of leading companies in the manufacturing sector.

Our Group has strengthened its position as a leader in the industry year after year and today is able to offer a unique partnership in the supply of products and services for the processing of non-ferrous alloys.

Internationally recognised, we are close to every customer, wherever they may be.

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AVD Holding

AVD Holding is an industrial group that has its roots in the Dall'Era family. The evolution of the Group sees in 2016 the entry of Eurotis Srl, a company specialized in the production of CSST piping systems for the plumbing sector and in 2020 the acquisition of the prestigious brand of ball valves Ferrero Valvole. To date, the Holding can boast a team of over 200 highly qualified professionals, integrated within several subsidiaries or affiliates operating in the territory. This combination of skills and resources allows us to maintain high standards of excellence in offering innovative solutions and quality services in the industrial landscape.

Angela e Valerio Dall'era
Dall'era Valerio

Brass components
and finished products

Dall’Era Valerio Srl


Bendable corrugated
pipe systems

Eurotis Srl | Eurotis Belgium BV

«We strongly believe in a world in which top-class production capacities are used to fuel sustainable, smart and human-oriented industries».


«With our people, our industrial plants and our trademarks, we aim to be the best supplier of non-ferrous products and services for OEMs and other leading customers in the civil and industrial piping, gas, water and heat treatment markets»




We want to guide and inspire the brass world. We are not just a skilled company in the industry: we want to make a difference by finding innovative and tailor-made solutions.

Being close to customers

Our philosophy of being close to customers enables us to understand and address their needs with respect, transparency and integrity.


Sustainability, for us, is synonymous with responsibility. Each day, we strive to reduce the environmental impact of our operations and to promote the well-being, safety and equality of our employees and stakeholders.


“There can be no business for a company that does not have a global vision and solid values.

A company will fail without a global vision and solid values. And our values are centred around our people and respect for our environment. This is the road, the only road we have been on, since 1966. We keep looking forward to a bright future”

Pierdomenico Dall’Era,
Dall’Era Valerio CEO