We respect people and the land

The value of our company lies in our people and the things that keep our community alive. That's why we are committed to ensuring their full respect every day.

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We respect the value and dignity of every individual, and do not tolerate any violation of human rights; this commitment extends to our partners as well. We ensure that our suppliers use fair labour and we acknowledge any form of diversity, be it race or gender, as a fundamental value.

Our primary responsibility is to ensure optimal working conditions and decent salaries for all our employees. We focus on the health and safety of those working in our plants, adopting a strict EHS (Environment, Health and Security) policy.

We encourage professional development. We are constantly committed to continuous training, to foster the personal and professional development of each individual. In this way, we aim to create a work environment that fosters inclusion and supports each individual's personal and professional growth.

The land

Our deep connection to the land where we operate drives us to promote initiatives that actively support its well-being and growth. We recognise in our social responsibility a unique opportunity to generate value and to establish a stronger connection with our community.

We support voluntary and charitable actions, as well as sporting events. The values that underlie sport, such as commitment, passion and team spirit, align with the values that guide our daily work.

The land