Mechanical machining

Mechanical machining

Mechanical processing of brass components

We are your trusty partner for machining brass components. With state-of-the-art machinery and over 50 years of experience, we guarantee precision, speed and flexibility at the highest standards across all machining types. Our advanced technology meets all production requirements, guaranteeing quality even on products with complex shapes.

Customization on drawing

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Machining types

  • Turning
    Flat, conical, cylindrical, helical or special-shaped.
  • Threading
    ISO metric thread, Whitworth thread, gas thread and many other special threads.
  • Sandblasting
    Used to remove impurities that do not belong on the metal, ensuring we do so with the utmost consideration for the environment.
Lavorazioni effettuate

Machine tools

  • 60 transfer machines,
    for turning and threading
  • 5 sandblasting machines
  • over 10 multi-axis machining centres and automatic lathes with bar loaders
Machine tools