Key word: innovation

Technology, for us, is synonymous with innovation.

We are constantly investing in research and technological development to improve our production processes, deploying our expertise and the most technologically advanced machinery, with latest-generation laboratories and software. Every day, we strive to deliver the best possible solutions for our customers, turning ideas into quality products.

Customization on drawing

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Machinery for forging

  • 15 robotic vertical forging machines
  • 7 high-output HATEBUR lines, (up to 200 pieces/minute)
  • 4 punching stations
  • 3 heat treatment induction furnaces

Machine tools

  • 60 transfer, per la tornitura e la filettatura
  • 5 sandblasting machines
  • over 10 multi-axis machining centres and automatic lathes with bar loaders

Quality control machinery

Optical measurement machines and 3D profile scanning machines