Custom service

Custom service

A service tailored to your needs

We are more than a supplier: we are a partner that offers customised services tailored to your needs. Our customised services are characterised by flexibility and reliability.

Customization on drawing

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Our customised services


We work closely with our customers to identify the most effective design solutions tailored to their needs. Through co-design efforts, we develop components that not only enhance product functionality but also optimise costs. Our ongoing support extends to prototyping and pre-series production, where our technical team excels in the quick production of samples, including models with complex shapes.

I nostri servizi personalizzati


With a 20,000 square metres warehouse (over 1,400 pallet places - about 90 million pieces), we offer a storage service that frees our customers from the burden of supply management. Our flexible approach allows customers to concentrate on their primary operations, streamlining the supply chain with customised solutions. Our mission is to streamline operational processes, guaranteeing the smooth and timely management of goods.


Our logistics service is characterised by the timely and accurate delivery of goods within the time and quantity required by customers. Our constant programming ensures reliable lead times and defined prices. We also successfully handle consignment stock operations upon request, offering flexibility and practicality to our customers.