Company history

1966 – 1977 The adventure begins with 1,000 pieces produced per day.

The company Dall’Era Valerio was established in 1966 in Lumezzane Valle. The area of Val Trompia, and Lumezzane in particular, has always been known for its industrial factories and for being inhabited by industrious people who, often from nothing, have been able to create companies of national and international level. One of those people was the founder Valerio Dall’Era, who began to thread nuts for plumbing and water fittings with manual lathes and tappers together with his wife Angela Ricetti, a former tailoress. In 1968 they purchased their first machine with a production capacity of 1,000 nuts per day.

1978 – 1989 The first employees and a new shed.

In 1978 his son Pierdomenico, current C.E.O., decided to follow his father’s footsteps and entered into partnership. 1982 marks a turning point: the first semi-automated machinery was purchased, the best on the market. It allowed a fast and higher quality production as it could produce 2,000 pieces per hour. In 1988 the first two employees were hired and the following year the first shed was purchased to meet the growing demand.

1990 – 1999 The founder dies, but Dall’Era Valerio grows towards international markets.

In 1990 the founder Valerio died and Pierdomenico took the reins of the company. The 1990s were characterized by continuous increase in production and employees. In order to complete its production system, in 1997 the company Dall’Era Valerio entered into partnership with Valmon Stampati Spa of Longhena. This was a decisive choice that strengthened the presence on international markets.

2000 – today Move to Sabbio Chiese for constant growth.

In the year 2000, as larger and more organised spaces were needed, the company moved to Sabbio Chiese in Val Sabbia with all its employees. In 2003 also Alberto, the founder’s grandson, started working in the company. The machinery inventory was expanded by purchasing the best machines available on the market, including the Hatebur AMP20, which allows to reach one of the highest production standards in the sector.
In 2016 Dall’Era Valerio added a new warehouse, reaching a surface of 11,000 square meters: about fifty transfers of the latest generation work 90,000 pieces per hour, for a total of 1.3 million components per day.
Today Dall’Era Valerio sells its products in over 31 countries worldwide, on five continents, and satisfy especially the market for heating systems with brass nuts and connections, as well as the market of sanitary systems with nuts, male fittings, milled and blind nuts and various accessories.

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