Dall’Era Valerio is also specialized in the forging of non-ferrous metals.

The excellent technological level is guaranteed by induction furnaces, robotized machines and presses with capacity from 250 to 700 tn. In particular, our forging islands HATEBUR have a working rate up to 200 strokes per minute, a fast and reliable working.

The construction of the toolings takes place internally with particular attention to the quality standards and the specific request of the customer. The CAD-CAM system and the mechanical design in 3D are managed by the technical office for a total control of the design of every single workpiece.

In addition, the forging process is verified by the presence of FORGE software, which simulates the process before it is started. Molding simulation is a preventive activity that identifies possible cracks.

The park machines dedicated to stamping includes:


  • 11 traditional forging machines
  • 7 hatebur
  • 3 deflashing islands
  • 1 heat treatment oven
  • 2 sandblasting
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