Dall’Era Valerio Group is able to work a very wide range of items.

We can make customized brass nuts and fittings according to the customer’s needs and technical drawing in a range from 1/2″ to 3″.

A flexible production capable of fulfilling the needs of the international market in many sectors. Our brass nuts and fittings are used in heating systems, civil and industrial plumbing system, gas system, valves and fittings, refrigeration and many other fields. We export our products to 31 countries in the world.

The production of the customized brass product aims at a very high overall efficiency by minimizing possible defects and rejects. The maintenance of the high overall standard of our “Organization Quality Management and Environmental Management” systems is certified by UNI EN ISO standards.

The result is a customized production for each customer of wing nuts, gas connection nuts and brass connections, T-pieces, elbows, brass heating connections, inserts, ring-nuts, caps, water pipe connections. And also tails for thermostatic valves, tails for flat gaskets, tails with o-ring seat, locknuts, screws, gas knobs, S-connectors, nickel-plated and chrome-plated fittings, gas reductions, brass hose connections and many brass bodies including angle valves.

The machine park dedicated to the processing of the product includes:


  • 51 CNC transfer
  • 3¬†sandblasting
  • optical machines
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