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Our products

Feb 15, 2018

An international clientele for Dall'Era Valerio's brass dice

A know-how in the world of brass connection bodies exported to 31 countries on 5 continents, from Europe to South America, from China to Russia.

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The company has long adopted a clear policy of quality management and customer service. The development of strong know-how in the field of brass nut production and connecting components has enabled the company to find new outlets in the world. Today Dall'Era Valerio exports its products 90% out of Italy, to 31 countries in 5 continents, from Europe to South America, from China to Russia, to an international clientele composed of leading companies in different commodity sectors.

The first steps abroad were taken in the 1990s by the current president, Pierdomenico Dall'Era, and within a few years the high quality of Dall'Era Valerio's brass nut caught on in Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom, later in the USA, Russia, China, Mexico, Tajikistan and so on.


The evolution in the manufacture of brass nuts and connecting components for the heating, plumbing, faucet, and refrigeration sectors is linked to the continuous improvement of the machinery and control systems that manage the various stages of production. The company invests considerable resources each year in purchasing and upgrading the best performing equipment. The result achieved by Dall'Era Valerio's signature brass nuts has been on the order of small but substantial improvements. The evolution of the product over the last few years has focused on the quality of the details: it is guaranteed by the robustness of the threading and a first-rate material that ensures the non-deformity of the nut due, for example, to temperature changes and external stresses. Today, therefore, the Dall'Era Valerio brass nut guarantees full suitability for use in the most demanding sectors. As President Pierdomenico Dall'Era says, "Our production goal is zero waste, absolute quality and respect for the environment."