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Dall'Era world

Feb 13, 2018

Applications and certifications of brass nuts and connection bodies signed Dall'Era Valerio

Brass components up to 3 inches and beyond, conforming to strict environmental protocols for the gas, refrigeration, faucet, and valve markets.

Customization on drawing

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Dall'Era Valerio's products-nuts, finned nuts, gas connection nuts and brass connections, tees, bends, brass heating connections, inserts, ferrules, plugs, water piping connections, thermostatic valve shanks, flat gasket shanks, o-ring seated shanks, lock nuts, screws, gas knobs, eccentrics, nickel-plated fittings and-are used in heating, gas, refrigeration, faucet and valve systems.

These are brass productions made to the customer's technical drawing, according to his specific requirements starting from a size of 3/8, which comply with strict environmental and quality protocols. In fact, production follows strict technical guidelines to ensure high quality according to the standards required by both international regulations and customers.

Hot stamping of the brass nut provides a higher quality performance than casting in terms of maintaining material integrity, dimensional tolerances, and finish. This results in a product characterized by high toughness, excellent strength and tight dimensional tolerances. Items are hot stamped with Hatebur machines, the best available on the market with a production capacity of 12,000 pieces per hour, and then machined with high-productivity CNC machines.

The subsequent stages, those of sandblasting, machining, and washing of nuts and components, comply with an ISO Environmental Management System. In addition, the blasting and machining stages also enjoy an additional ISO certification for Quality.

The result of a commitment to product quality for more than 50 years is a production capacity of 1.3 million parts per day and one of the most virtuous achievements in the brass nut production market: a low level of scrap per million parts made.