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Dec 18, 2019

Community welfare in partnership with the Brescian Community Foundation

Valerio's Dall'Era among those promoting the eighth territorial call for Valle Sabbia

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Community welfare in partnership with the Brescia Community Foundation

Dall'Era Valerio helped provide financial resources to support the territorial call for projects for Valle Sabbia. The call, now in its eighth edition in 2019, is promoted by the Brescia Community Foundation with the aim of stimulating "new responses to present needs" in the valley. Thus, projects of social utility will be financed in the areas of social and socio-health care, protection and enhancement of artistic, historical and environmental heritage, and, finally, education. The resources, which amount to 92,000 euros, are intended for private entities, social cooperatives and public entities that are non-profit.

Production of social value through business

Dall'Era Valerio thus collaborates, among many companies in the area, to mark the direction of modern corporate philanthropy. A concrete solidarity, which has a few simple rules: everyone must contribute with their own abilities to the development of the territory through the support of new projects. Long-term strategies and initiatives, with a concrete vision of social welfare. All in full respect of the Brescian entrepreneurial style, which is based on silent work, made of quality and concreteness.

Targeted projects in the Brescia area

The call for proposals was presented on October 29, and applications were received until November 20. The pre-selection of projects was announced on December 19 to conclude on February 25, 2020, when the organizations that achieved the target will be announced. These are resolutions that will have to be implemented within a year of the allocation of the handout, which cannot, however, exceed 50 percent of the intervention. A modality that allows the full involvement of the beneficiary organization. In fact, the promoters' will is to make the interventions fully effective on the ground.

More than 130 grants disbursed by the Brescia Community Foundation

The Fondazione della Comunità Bresciana is an autonomous entity that has consolidated over the years its role as a territorial reference point for the many businesses that wish to donate while not dealing directly with them and in a perspective of an aggregator of resources. A leading role not only for Val Sabbia, but also for the other valleys-October is traditionally the month of opening calls for bids for the Brescian valleys-and finally for the whole province. Over 130 calls managed over time, which have had the merit of distributing targeted sums to concrete interventions for a choral development of the territory.