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Dall'Era world

Jun 3, 2021

Company internship

In keeping with the school-to-work alternation, Dall'Era Valerio is hosting students from technical high schools in the Brescia area in partnership with Confindustria Brescia.

Customization on drawing

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Internships in the company

In keeping with the tradition of work culture, the company is hosting several interns in major departments. Company internships are paths lasting several weeks that engage students intent on seeing up close the manufacturing work for which they studied in their school desks. Recognized training paths that integrate school experience, mostly theoretical, with real working life in the most dynamic industrial companies in the Brescia area. A formative period with a view to definitive insertion into the world of work. It is in fact a path that Dall'Era Valerio has implemented in partnership with Confindustria Brescia, a local district that represents the largest industrial association in Italy.

The pride of contributing to the professional training of the most promising young people

Dall'Era Valerio has always been close to educational paths and institutions in the area so that a healthy work culture, for which Brescia is known in Italy, Europe and beyond, is supported. Every structured company has its own approach to work, which with us is based on values and priorities that have characterized all 55 years of history: quality and reliability achieved through a constant commitment of employees and technological investments. And it is our commitment to contributing to the growth of the professional profile of employees that leads us to proudly host young people who will one day find their place in the world of work. Seeing in the field the use of a machine, scrupulously applying the procedures that are indispensable for maintaining a high level of control and quality of the parts produced and, finally, witnessing the realization of the custom-made part wanted by the customer, are all indispensable steps to be able to one day think of working at Dall'Era Valerio.

The importance of school-to-work alternation

Host students come from high schools such as, for example, ITIS, IPSIA, ITS, SCAR and the CFP to name but a few. School-to-work alternation makes it possible to narrow the gap between the school system and the world of work. It reinforces theoretical training with the skills and professional requirements demanded by companies in order to truly respond to the needs of small, as well as large, businesses. In fact, Dall'Era Valerio is a partner for brass components and fittings for many large companies, including multinationals with precise product requirements.

The process of selecting the best employees

The in-company activity of young people fosters stable relations between school and business, but not only that. It also allows a group like ours to be able to select and source the best employees, who in the near future can help us in the growth and expansion of the brand to an increasingly international level. Already today the company exports 90 percent of its production to 31 countries around the world, complying with high reliability protocols.