Dall'Era world

Dall'Era world

Feb 14, 2018

Dall'Era Valerio: a company committed to the constant improvement of nuts and the whole type of brass connection bodies

Near-zero scrap of nut and brass connections, use of the most advanced machinery, and customized production: supporting large international groups as a business value.

Customization on drawing

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Dall'Era Valerio in 50 years of history has achieved important milestones thanks to a constant policy of improvement strongly advocated by the management. Today the company boasts a production of 1 million 300 thousand pieces per day and, an even more noteworthy result, records a minimum level of rejects of defective pieces. These achievements are the result of the management's continuous efforts to make investments in numerical control transfers that are among the most advanced available on the market and research in the latest generation of quality control technologies. In addition, substantial resources are periodically allocated for employee training to ensure high quality of service. In fact, the company is made up of a group of people strongly oriented toward growth and responding to customers' needs, a passion that characterizes the 60 employees of Dall'Era Valerio, all of whom are committed to creating a product of the highest quality destined for the most demanding markets.


Production over the years has gradually expanded to a very wide range of nuts of almost all types, including finned nuts, gas connection nuts and brass connections, tees, bends, brass heating connections, inserts, ferrules, caps, water piping connections, thermostatic valve shanks, flat gasket shanks, o-ring seated shanks, locknuts, screw nuts, gas knobs, eccentrics, nickel-plated and chrome-plated fittings, gas reductions, brass tire holders and multiple brass bodies including angle valves.

An almost infinite range of brass fittings that springs from the customer's technical drawing. In fact, the company does not work from catalog in a standard way, but manages production flexibly in sizes and weights, according to the customer's project requirements.

The commitment to improving skills, specialization and quality of products and services has allowed the brand to become known worldwide: there are many multinationals and market-leading companies that use Dall'Era Valerio's brass nuts and fittings.

To enrich the value of the service, in 2016, a new large warehouse was opened where orders are stored on behalf of the customer. In this space, goods are picked up on time and in the necessary quantities-a plus appreciated by the most demanding international customers.