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Aug 29, 2020

Dall'Era Valerio replaces some transfer machines

Our policy aims at the highest quality and efficiency of the order

Customization on drawing

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Dall'Era Valerio is replacing some transfer machines. In keeping with a company policy that focuses on growth, we have chosen to renew two strategic production machines. Although we are in a highly unstable period with an uncertain future, in fact, our policy does not change. We continue to invest in order to see very high overall efficiency realized and to confirm one of our main goals: to produce the highest quality brass nuts and components.

The replacement of two 8-unit transfer machines

The renovation saw the replacement of two outdated transfer machines with state-of-the-art models. These are 8-unit transfer machines capable of raising the quality standard. Today, the company has one of the largest machine fleets in our industry. They are as many as 51 transfer machines for turning and threading, 11 machines for traditional stamping, 7 Hatebur, 5 sandblasting machines, 3 blanking islands, 1 heat treatment furnace and 3 optical control machines. A fleet of machines capable of generating an output of around 1.3 million pieces per day. An even more noteworthy result is the minimum level of rejection of defective parts, which is around a few units per million produced.

Machine replacement serves to satisfy wide range of brass nuts

Transfer machine replacement serves to satisfy an ever-widening range of brass nuts and fittings. In fact, production for many years now has expanded to a very wide variety of brass components. It varies in size, shape of brass product and use, including finned nuts, gas connection nuts and brass connections, tees, bends, brass heating connections, inserts, ferrules, caps, water pipe connections. Plus thermostatic valve shanks, flat gasket shanks, o-ring seated shanks, locknuts, screw nuts, gas knobs, eccentrics, nickel-plated and chrome-plated fittings, gas reductions, brass tire holders, and multiple brass bodies including angle valves.

A production based on the customer's technical drawing

Ours is an almost infinite range in brass that springs from the customer's technical drawing. It is therefore not a catalog production, but absolutely flexible in size, weight, shape and general technical characteristics. Our components are intended for a myriad of more or less complex equipment and machinery that are used in refrigeration, faucets, valves, plumbing and gas systems. A real commitment to meeting the quality and flexibility of orders from major multinational companies.