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Feb 12, 2020

Donation of an ultrasound scanner to Gavardo hospital

Valerio's Dall'Era and other companies in the area respond to a need in Valsabbia

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Donation of an ultrasound scanner to Gavardo hospital.

A new ultrasound scanner was recently donated to the hospital in Gavardo, in the province of Brescia, by Dall'Era Valerio and a string of Valsabbia partners. The latest-generation device, which has been available to the emergency department for several weeks, is a flagship among the emergency medicine equipment. "Once again we find ourselves in Gavardo to receive a donation. The constant attention given to the hospital is a confirmation of the good work done by the operators," General Director Carmelo Scarcella said at a press conference, thanking all the key players who donated the amount needed for the purchase. For the second time in a few months, in fact, the Valsabbia hospital receives a donation that makes a difference in the quality of daily service delivery.

A solidarity network of companies and entities

The fundraiser was the result of a request from the ER launched to equip itself with an instrument that has become essential in emergency cases. A network of solidarity was immediately triggered, involving several entities and private companies, in addition to Dall'Era, the Brescian Community, the Mountain Community of Valle Sabbia and the Rotary Valle Sabbia Centenario, to name a few. The donations were handled by the Co.Ge.S.S. Social Cooperative of Barghe, which formalized the delivery to Gavardo Hospital. Co.Ge.S.S. has been working for more than 25 years in the social-educational field and aims to spread inclusion and solidarity in the area, seeking to alleviate situations of fragility.

Integrating sustainability into business strategies is part of Dall'Era Valerio's competitiveness factors

The solidarity network once again demonstrates the attention of Valsabbia businesses to the needs of the territory. Strengthening a hospital facility such as the one in Gavardo, a focal point for the entire valley, is part of the broader commitment that Dall'Era Valerio has made to benefit the community. It is part of a path of corporate social responsibility accomplished with small but continuous steps and with investments in social welfare undertaken for years with impacts on employees and the community.