Successful cases

Successful cases

Oct 30, 2019

La Dall’Era Valerio tra le 400 migliori imprese della Lombardia

At Kilometro Rosso, the event to award entrepreneurial realities in decisive growth

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Valerio's Dall'Era among the 400 best enterprises in Lombardy

ItalyPost and Corriere della Sera's Economy conducted a survey that led to the identification of a group of excellent enterprises. Businesses in Lombardy with the highest growth rate and excellent balance sheet performance were considered. The result is a panel of the "400 best companies in Lombardy" recognized with the "Champions of Lombardy" award. During a meeting, held last May at the Kilometro Rosso Innovation District in the province of Bergamo, which, in addition to being among Europe's best-known innovation districts, is also a meeting place for business and research, the best companies, including Dall'Era Valerio, were honored.

Stringent budget requirements to be met

Among the criteria to be admitted among the best 400 companies we first find the size class: all companies between 20 and 500 million euros in turnover in 2017 in Lombardy divided into two size classes, 20 to 120 million euros and 120 to 500 million euros. Coming to the "merit" requirements, the companies had to demonstrate a rating between "excellent" and "balanced" (BB-BBB-A-AA-AA); a 2011-2017 CAGR of 3% or more; and an average EBITDA of the last 3 fiscal years of 8% or more for companies in the 20-120 million euro turnover size, the range within which our company falls. A low debt ratio, i.e., not exceeding 80%. A ratio between NFP/EBITDA averaged over the last 3 fiscal years of less than 2.5 and a "positive" 2017 EBIT. In addition to ensuring, of course, a "positive" net income recorded on the balance sheet.

An award for Dall'Era Valerio sanctioning its balanced management and consequently its high overall quality rate

All requirements have been met and in some cases amply satisfied by Dall'Era Valerio, which has been included in its own right among the 400 most virtuous economic realities. This is the result of an investment policy and prudent managerial management that has always characterized the company and the result of a constant commitment to quality guaranteed to multinational clients. The award is an achievement that impartially sanctions that we are on the road to excellence in business management and thus, by reflection, also expresses product excellence in the world of brass nuts. Our most welcome recognition remains customer satisfaction with customized production that now reaches multinational companies in 37 countries around the world, from northern Europe to the United States, from Germany to Great Britain. Nuts and other brass components including, for example, tees, elbows, connections, inserts, tangs, screws, finned nuts, and knobs intended for heating, refrigeration, gas, faucet, and valve systems.