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Dall'Era world

Mar 17, 2022

New transfer machinery for production from Era Valerio

Improves production capacity with the introduction of 2 state-of-the-art transfer machines

Customization on drawing

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Increasingly high-performance brass nuts and components

Newly introduced machinery brings Dall'Era Valerio's total fleet to 54 transfers. In fact, the Sabbio Chiese-based company, active since 1966 in the production of brass nuts and components, has one of the largest machine fleets in the industry. With a production capacity of around 1.3 million pieces per day, Dall'Era Valerio guarantees a very wide variety in brass components. The entire machining cycle, which takes the brass bar to become a nut, valve or knob, is managed in-house. Vertical control of brass machining makes it possible to monitor all stages of component quality. Sizes vary, from 1/2″ to 3", and shapes, but each brass component follows a strict quality protocol.

6-unit transfer machinery to guarantee component complexity

Transfer machines can handle the complexity of the workpiece shape while guaranteeing absolute customization and in shorter time. In fact, our finned nuts, gas connection nuts and brass connections, tees, bends, brass heating connections, inserts, ferrules, caps, and water pipe connections are made to customer design. Machining to customer design also takes place for thermostatic valve shanks, flat gasket shanks, shanks with o-ring seats, lock nuts, screw nuts, gas knobs, eccentrics, nickel-plated and chrome-plated fittings, gas reducers, hose shanks and multiple brass bodies including angle valves and more.

The importance of manufacturing to the customer's technical drawing

Making the order according to the specifications of the customer's technical drawing is fundamental for Dall'Era Valerio. A commitment that allows it to produce components that reach 31 countries in 5 continents for sectors such as refrigeration, faucets, valves, plumbing, gas, just to name the main ones. A very wide and flexible range in size, weight, shape and general characteristics. An increasingly high-performance product range.

Over 55 years of experience in brass component machining

The replacement of the 2 transfers to 6 units is part of an overall path that focuses on innovation. The goal of a very high quality standard, which imposes precise production methods on our company, is aimed at fully satisfying the project requirements of multinational partners. A precise commitment of Dall'Era Valerio to ensure a product that lasts over time, is technically reliable and flawless in precision. Today we can achieve very high standards in the prototyping and production stages, with specifications and part requirements unmatched in the market: this is the result of over 55 years of experience in the industry.