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Aug 4, 2022

The components for the cold

How brass components evolve in the creation of the most efficient refrigeration systems

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How brass components evolve in the creation of the most efficient refrigeration systems

The refrigeration sector is closely linked to the quality of components. Most of the time the emphasis is on electronic parts and insulation materials, which undoubtedly have a great importance. However, nuts, fittings and other components allow the systems to be assembled safely, ensuring their correct functionality. In addition, the equipment and installations in charge of the cold must ensure maximum operational efficiency over time: the brass ensures the durability of the plant with maximum yield. In fact, the intrinsic characteristics of brass are suitable for many uses and, in particular, even at very low temperatures. Let’s see why.

Brass to guarantee the efficiency of refrigeration systems

Although there is no real peculiarity of the part intended for refrigeration systems, the alloy used in Dall'Era to make nuts and fittings for the cold sector is cw617n brass, characterized by excellent qualities of hot deformation and machining with tools. In addition, refrigeration, as well as other sectors, requires careful turning of the workpiece. It is one of the "historical" production objectives that since the foundation of the company in 1966 has been given the Dall'Era Valerio: maintain minimum tolerances of error with an impeccable turning result. Today we are able to obtain a percentage of scrap close to zero of pieces considered unfit. That is, we managed to lower the defective parts to a few units per million nuts and fittings produced. On a normal day, when we make on average more than a million pieces between fittings, nuts and various components, up to tips of 1.3 million daily pieces, the discarded production can be held in two hands. An excellent result, the result of over fifty years of experience.

How cold components have evolved

The application of natural refrigerants, such as CO2 and others, did not have an impact on the components. Over the years, however, the cold sector has increasingly required the reliability of components such as nuts and fittings. One of the crucial aspects in terms of quality optimization is digital transformation. The overall digitalization of production and processes has helped improve the quality of the product. Other extremely important objectives can also be achieved today. Processing times are reduced, making plants and business operations more efficient overall. Digitalization can be said to contribute to meeting the high quality management standards imposed by the most demanding multinationals.

Is it possible to speculate what the future of refrigeration components will be?

The evolution of refrigeration components is likely to be limited to an increasingly marked efficiency of brass components. Our technicians acquire year by year the ability to identify critical issues and implement corrective actions to improve non-compliance. All this beyond the guarantees of technological quality of the production process. It could be said that the evolution of the components for refrigeration goes more and more in the direction of a piece that is not standard, but created on specific customer design needs. At Dall'Era we are already ready to guarantee the connection as required, because for many years our production takes place on the specific needs of multinational customers.