Dall'Era world

Dall'Era world

Jun 7, 2018

Valerio's Dall'Era is looking for professional figures to be placed

Brass nut and component manufacturing company seeks environmental quality system control technicians, a technical draughtsman, toolmakers, quality control and machining workers

Customization on drawing

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Dall'Era Valerio is looking for professional figures to be included

To meet the constant demand from the Italian and international markets, Dall'Era Valerio is looking for some figures. Demand for Dall'Era brass nuts and components is increasing in major European countries and the United States, thanks to the flexibility of customized production according to customer needs.

The company, based in Sabbio Chiese in Valsabbia, is an international player that produces more than 1.3 million pieces per day of brass components, divided into tees, bends, connections, inserts, ferrules, caps, water connections, tangs, screws, finned nuts and knobs. In more than 50 years of business, Dall'Era has made its mark in more than 30 countries, exporting products made to customer drawings and of high quality intended for plumbing, gas, refrigeration, faucets and valves.

For those who identify with the values of the company and want a job in an ever-expanding environment, apply in response to the following job profiles:


Young people with and without experience who want to embark on a path of inclusion and growth. Knowledge of mechanical drawing is required.


Experience using CNC milling machine and lathe, knowledge of mechanical drawing, ability to use measuring tools is required


Experience in using cam cad programs, knowledge of mechanical drawing, ability to use measuring instruments is required.


All applicants are asked to send resume with release for personal data processing to: info@dalleravalerio.com