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Dall'Era world

Mar 14, 2020

Valerio's Dall'Era reduces working hours for a week

March 13-20 slowdown serves to contain Coronavirus to protect our employees

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Dall'Era Valerio reduces working hours for a week

In compliance with the latest restrictions, Dall'Era Valerio is reducing working hours and the number of active employees at the plant for one week. Despite the measures taken by the company for the containment of Coronavirus in recent days, it becomes appropriate and necessary to drastically decrease the presence of staff on company premises. The concern is not to jeopardize the safety of our workers.

Public authorities have imposed strict restrictions throughout the country, however, the movement of goods remains free and industries can continue operations in key departments only by adopting drastic restrictions. In compliance with the deliberations of the Italian government authorities in recent days, we have applied all the basic rules of behavior suggested. Good practices that have helped the containment of Coronavirus, such as maintaining a distance of one meter from one person to another, wearing the protective masks provided, washing hands often and using disinfectant gel. All this, however, is not enough to eradicate the infection.

Difficult but necessary choice

So production is guaranteed at a reduced pace, while sales and administrative staff are already working in smart working mode. A difficult but necessary choice to preserve the health of our workers. Meetings with customers and suppliers had already been postponed unless strictly necessary, and in case they happened, all the measures already described for the containment of the virus had to be taken. In fact, even outside of work life, protecting ourselves indirectly means protecting others. In particular, it is appropriate for elderly people not to leave their homes.

The dissemination of the correct norms of behavior 

In order to promote the correct and wider dissemination of containment measures, the company immediately publicized the rules of behavior that apply inside the plant as well as outside. Rules that need to be adhered to even more strictly. All to ward off the spread of the virus, which manifests itself with the typical three symptoms: fever, cough and difficulty breathing, more rarely pneumonia, acute respiratory distress and kidney failure. Those who have had contact with confirmed cases of COVID-19 have a duty not to leave home and submit to quarantine orders imposed by the authorities. Thus, these workers were already banned from entering company premises. Those who experience symptoms that could lead back to the virus should contact their treating physician. In any case, before re-entering the company community when the situation has returned to normal, anyone showing even mild symptoms should contact management.

The company's will is the protection of workers and customers

The precise will of the company is to protect our workers as best as possible and in parallel to minimize inconvenience to customers. Our sense of responsibility imposes an obligation on us to make workers and their families safe. It will be our interest and commitment to resume normal activities as soon as possible. The sooner we can eradicate the virus, the sooner we can return to normalcy.