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Dall'Era world

Jun 28, 2022

We invest in new machinery

We invest in new machinery to make production more and more competitive

Customization on drawing

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Number of transfers rises to 54 to meet demand from international markets

Investing in new machinery means believing in the future. As we have always done, even today, despite the uncertainties, we look to the future with confidence because we address international markets with unparalleled production. In fact, our customers are among the most established multinationals operating in the heating, civil and industrial plumbing, gas, valves and fittings, refrigeration and much more sectors: players who demand high quality and impeccable service.

Investing in new machinery means higher productivity

With the replacement of 2 old transfer machines, plus a new one being added, we are making the production line even more productive. It was 1994 when the two replaced old transfer machines started working for us. In mid-June, after many years of heavy use, they were replaced by two newcomers, the B32 and B33. To get an idea of usage, in their careers the replaced transfers produced about 150 million pieces. It means that every day and for years they produced a mountain of brass fittings, nuts and components, which found their way into complex equipment and machinery around the world. If 28 years ago the fittings produced ended up in some 20 countries around the world, today, the challenge awaiting the newest transfer models adopted is to meet the demand of markets on 5 continents.

The reliable partner for brass components

In fact, Dall'Era Valerio is now in its own right a player that caters to very different markets around the world, precisely 31 countries. We have won the trust of the largest multinational companies that demand high technical quality specifications of the brass nut and fitting. Even more, they demand competitive and reliable partners in the challenges ahead. Ninety percent of the millions of fittings we produce each year end up in the United States, Germany and the rest of Europe, as well as in Southeastern countries.

A production line of 54 transfers

From the production of nuts to tees, from heating shanks to finned nuts to reductions, the entire range of components is produced according to the customer's technical drawing. The range is from 1/2″ to 3" obtained with a high standard of quality. The new machines will contribute to the high operational functionality of the part to thus ensure the overall efficiency of the machinery or plant in which they are to be inserted. All along, the company's goal has been a scrap that approaches zero, and we already achieve a percentage of defect-free parts that approaches 100 percent of production. Over time, Dall'Era's production has managed to settle on production rejects in the range of a few units per million nuts and fittings.