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Jan 19, 2022

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The Dall'Era Valerio research the Process and IT Manager that can successfully foster the development of the digitalization of processes

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Work with us. We are looking for the Process and IT Manager

If you want to work in an industrial reality in full development on international markets and with a high vocation to the digitalization of processes, enter the world Dall'Era Valerio. Working in a dynamic environment that exports to 31 countries worldwide and produces an average of 1.3 million parts per day means committing to constant professional and personal growth. Dall'Era Valerio is known in the field of brass fittings for its commitment to the highest quality. A commitment that is also expressed by the punctuality of orders and customized products and design according to the needs of international customers.

We are looking for the best Process and IT Manager

Working with us as Process Manager and IT means having a real interest in the management field for the development of the digitalization of processes. In addition, the candidate responsible for processes and IT must ensure an analytical and collaborative attitude towards production needs. It must have a predisposition to the management and programming of IT activities. Applications that do not have specific work experience but demonstrate specific study requirements will also be considered. The candidate for Process and IT Manager must have a diploma of IT expert or must be a recent graduate in management.

Required requirements deemed necessary:

  • diploma of computer expert or recently acquired degree in management
  • ability to combine the specific operational objectives of the role with the objectives set by the company
  • express clearly any training needs
  • predisposition to an analytical attitude
  • relational skills for the correct transfer of information and the development of process relationships within the company
  • preparation for training according to company needs predisposition to full collaboration with colleagues
  • trust in your personal and professional skills
  • green pass valid

For those who recognize themselves in the values of the company and meet the requirements can send their application by stating the phrase "I authorize the processing of personal data contained in my curriculum vitae according to Legislative Decree No. art.13 of the EU Regulation 2016/679".