An even larger site

New manufacturing plant for Dall’Era Valerio

New transfer machines for Dall'Era Valerio production

Improve production capacity with the introduction of 2 state-of-the-art transfer machines

Work with us

Dall’Era Valerio is looking for a Process and IT Manager who can successfully promote the development of digitization of processes

Production process improvement

Positive result of Dall’Era Valerio in the surveillance visit of the quality certification ISO 9001:2015 and environmental certification ISO 14001:2015

Increase of the production line of Dall'Era Valerio

A park of 53 latest-generation transfer machines alone. The objective of the group is to meet the high standards of Quality Management imposed by the most demanding global companies

Launch of a course for specialized technicians

The course that will open in the next few days will train technicians able to operate on advanced automation systems applied to the iron and steel, metallurgical and mechanical industries

Dall'Era Valerio enlarges the factory

The redevelopment of a new 19,000 sq. m. area is in full swing, adding to the production site at the Sabbio Chiese headquarters

In-house Training

In compliance with the alternation school work Dall’Era Valerio hosts the students of technical high schools in the Brescia area in partnership with Confindustria Brescia.

New machinery to keep up with market demand

A parkmachine of more than 50 workstations which process the orders of the international customers according to their technical drawing: Dall’Era Valerio, the reliable partner for brass fittings from 1/2″ to 3″

Efficient production control

In view of the investments made to improve the production process, we have introduced an advanced multi-sensor ZEISS O-INSPECT machine

The specialization of Dall'Era Valerio in hot forging of non-ferrous materials

The total control of the supply chain allows Dall’Era Valerio to supervise from the hot forging of brass and other non-ferrous materials to the turning of the products.

New machinery for product diversification and expansion

Through the support of Axis I in favor of growth and employment, the company launches a “Project for the implementation of an innovative production process for the diversification and realization of new products”.

Dall'Era Valerio has joined the training project ITS 2020-2021

In partnership with local companies the path in automation and mechatronic systems

Dall'Era Valerio has long adhered to the campaign "I pay the suppliers"

The interview of the regional Tg3 with the president Pierdomenico Dall’Era

Dall'Era Valerio's vocation for the international market of brass components

Customized brass nuts and fittings in accordance with international standards

Dall'Era Valerio replaces some transfer machines

Our policy aims at the highest quality and efficiency of the order

Training of qualified workers in mechatronics with AIB

Dall’Era Valerio participates in the realization of the ITS training course for ” advanced technicians for automation and industrial mechatronic systems”

Dall’Era Valerio has restarted the production of brass nuts

The coronavirus lock-down is over. All departments restarted.

Dall'Era Valerio reduces working hours for a week

From 13 to 20 March, the slowdown is to contain the Coronavirus for the protection of our employees

The donation of an ultrasound machine to the hospital in Gavardo

Dall’Era Valerio and the other companies of the territory respond to a need of Valsabbia

A great success for Alessandro Botturi, sponsored by Dall'Era Valerio

Sponsorship is one of the initiatives that distinguish corporate sustainability

Community welfare in partnership with Fondazione della Comunità Bresciana

Dall’Era Valerio among the promoters of the eighth territorial tender for Valle Sabbia

Student visit to the site

The tenth edition of the PMI DAY organized by the AIB sees the participation of Dall’Era Valerio

Dall'Era Valerio among the 400 best companies in Lombardy

At Kilometro Rosso the awarding event for businesses in strong growth

Dall'Era's headquarters are undergoing major expansion works, work spaces more suitable for the welfare of employees and an increasing production

The extensions involve the technical office, the quality office, the tooling workshop, the production department, as well as the changing rooms

The terms of the change. Between indoor climate, water solutions and plant technologies, the engineering market is increasingly on the move

The Dall’Era Valerio supply chain requires higher standards of reliability and performance, guaranteeing custom-made brass components

Continuous training and innovative technologies, indispensable elements of the Dall'Era Valerio quality department

Latest generation tools for checking the hardness, dimensions, thickness, radius, chamfers, roughness and any other feature useful for the detailed control of nuts and brass components

Supernova Lumezzane. Dall’Era Valerio takes part at the Smart Innovation Festival, the first appointment for innovation in the industrial and manufacturing sector

An event thought, wanted and realized to tell the territory and to discuss all the future developments of the industry

Dall’Era Valerio begins a new production line for the manufacture of a corrugated tube CSST

Through the announcement AL VIA of Regione Lombardia, the company starts an “Investment project for the construction of a new company department for the diversification of production”

Positive outcome of Dall'Era Valerio in the audit of ISO 9001: 2015 quality certifications and ISO 14001: 2015 environmental certification

The continuous improvement of the production process of the brass nut and of the brass components is an essential element for exporting

An increasingly customized production of brass nuts and brass components

Dall’Era Valerio increases sales in the central-northern Europe markets and in the USA, guaranteeing the highest quality standards

Strong market for heating tails and brass nut gas connection

A growth demand in Europe and in the USA for brass components in the thermosanitary and heating sectors, according to the specifications of the leading corporations

Dall'Era Valerio Production grows in 2017

The company records increases, particularly in foreign markets, where demand for brass nuts and high quality fittings is strong

Renewed the certificates UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 9001: 2015 for Quality and Environment policies

Positive assessment of the services and production systems of nuts and fittings for plumbing, gas, cooling systems, taps and valves at the Dall’Era Valerio..

2017 is confirmed as a season of excellent results in terms of production quality

A low level of waste every million, places the reliability of the nuts and brass components of Dall’Era Valerio at the top of the market..

An international market for Dall'Era Valerio's brass nuts

A know-how in the world of brass connection bodies exported to 31 countries on 5 continents, from Europe to South America, from China to Russia..

Dall'Era Valerio: a company committed to the constant improvement of nuts and all types of brass connection bodies

Production scrap close to zero, use of the most advanced machinery and a customized production: support to large international groups as business value.

Applications and certifications of nuts and brass connection bodies by Dall'Era Valerio

Brass components up to 3 inches, conforming to strict environmental protocols for the market of gas, refrigeration, water and valve systems..